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While exploring what other school systems in our state are doing regarding their calendars, I learned that in the in 2019-2020 school year, North Carolina had a 90% increase in the number of schools providing some form of year-round calendar to their students.  And many more schools may be considering modifying their calendar for 2020-2021.


I would never propose a year-round calendar for our schools, but I would support legislation which allows for a 2-week shift in our current summer vacation and allows our fall semester (and exams) to end before Christmas.  This would not shorten our summers...only shift them, so that school starts a couple weeks earlier, and ends a couple weeks earlier, right before Memorial Day weekend.   Such a compromise would be better for our students AND better for our community, because I believe it would help curb more schools across our state from moving toward some form of year-round calendar.


I want to support our tourism industry in addition to our schools.  I do not believe it has to be an either/or choice.


Craven County Schools adopts ‘innovative year-round’ calendar


# of Year-Round Schools in N.C.


Shows a 90% increase in the number of year-round school offerings in in 2019-2020 (from 99 to 188 schools)


Calendar types & Other School Calendar Info

Legislation Summary for LEAs


Most Preferred Month for Taking a Summer Vacation



Lengths of Summer


Permitted school start & end dates under different school calendar options

Resulting lengths of summer, compared to what is allowed under current calendar law


School Calendar Drafts


10 years worth of school calendar drafts with “School opening no earlier than Aug 10 and ending no later than the Friday before Memorial Day”

Illustrates possible school calendars (allowing fall semester to end before Christmas, which better aligns with community colleges and universities)

Current calendar:  current.pdf


Additional School Calendar Details

Additional_details  (pdf)

Number of schools that are moving to a year-round format

Reasons for frustration with current calendar law

Advantages of ending the fall semester before Christmas


2019-2020 School Start Dates for all NC Schools






2017 School Calendar Flexibility Report

Great summary of School Calendar issues





Summer employment in Carteret County


Letter to Editor 11/17/2019

Support_our_Schools.htm (pdf)

(similar to statement at the top of this page)



Other Helpful Links:


NC School Calendar Legislation

“Except for year-round schools, the opening date for students shall be no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26, and the closing date for students shall be no later than the Friday closest to June 11.”


Educational Directory & Demographical Information Exchange (EDDIE)

School data source for many of the charts above


Report to the General Assembly: School Start and End Dates (9/5/2019)

(From NC State BOE Meeting on 9/4/2019:

School Start-End Dates DATA.2019